Friday, June 15, 2007



Creative thinker with background in all phases of editing, writing, and production
  • Electronic and paper newsletters, presentations, memos, articles, press releases, annual reports, and other publicity materials, program schedules, course descriptions, style and protocol guides, instructional handbooks
  • General interest and entertainment-related interviews, features, reviews
  • Websites and blogs for industry and personal use
  • Editor, communications coordinator, and publicist: Edit and proofread websites, newsletters, presentations, proposals, memos, articles, press releases, and other publicity materials, and fiction and nonfiction books

Public Relations, targeting, and issues research
  • Create and coordinate public relations strategies for national, regional, and local markets in the music, publishing, and political worlds
  • Write message-oriented material, including essays, letters, and blogs, to advocate for/analyze various issues including civil rights, health care, media, and the political process
  • Wrote, designed, and published monthly newsletter for bookgroup members,
    Ex Libris

Demonstrable team leadership, initiative, and coordination
  • Chair, Natick Democratic Town Committee
    • Promote community engagement/outreach/education
    • Initiated speaker series that included such topics as minority outreach and media and speakers such as John Walsh, head of the Massachusetts Democratic Party
    • Initiated Metrowest Community Forums, including one with Sen. John Kerry about Iraq, one with Lt. Gov. Tim Murray about transportation, and a Volunteer Fair featuring representatives from the Democratic presidential candidates' campaigns
    • Increased active membership by one-third
    • brought on volunteers from the Deval Patrick campaign
    • seek out activists in every corner; eg, heard someone from Natick call in to the old Al Franken show on AirAmerica, googled him, and recruited him
    • Use e-mail management/marketing tool to create updates, evites, meeting notices
  • Natick Town Co-coordinator, Deval Patrick for Governor
    • Recruited volunteers and coordinated activities such as canvassing, phone banking, and visibility events
    • Worked with campaign staff to disseminate information, organize events and fundraisers, and keep volunteers informed through regular e-mail updates
  • Led and participated in various cross-company initiatives, for example:
    • Brandeis—contributed to branding effort through development of consistency style guideleines
    • Fidelity:
      • Content manager for company website design, ran meetings and made decisions on usability, design, editorial; worked with User Interface dept., VPs and managers, and software engineers
      • Macromedia User Group, consisting of employees throughout company, from New England, Dallas, and Salt Lake City to North Carolina and Ireland
    • TechTarget—participated in revising and testing electronic newsletter/content management template

Work Experience
Publications Editor, Office of Communications/Creative Services
Brandeis University, July 2006–July 2007
Creative services supports all of the Brandeis community, writing, editing, and designing material including brochures, newsletters, flyers, catalogues, invitations, posters, calendars, programs, and magazines. The Publications Editor copyedits, proofreads and prepares galleys for the art department; works with clients to prepare text for the publication process; acts as liaison between the editing and art departments; and coordinates deadlines with the Production Manager.

  • Natick Democratic Town Committee: Chair, 2007; vice chair, 2004–2006: Schedule meetings, speakers, forums, fundraising activities, community events, outreach programs; manage mailing list, coordinate website
  • Town co-coordinator, Deval Patrick for Governor, June 2005–Nov. 2006: Built grassroots support and database/mailing list; organized house parties; collaborated with other city and town coordinators; arranged a Town Meeting with the candidate; helped sponsor a fundraising party
  • Various house parties, e-mail blasts, and phone banks for such organizations as, Brave New Films (Iraq for Sale, Outfoxed, Unconstitutional)

Communications specialist (copyediting, proofreading, writing, copywriting)
October 1984–present
Blogs: Obstinate Eye, Acme House o' Books

Freelance and on-staff for various companies and publications including:
Harlequin Publishing, Inc. magazine, Marblehead Communications, Education Development Center, Editorial Services of New England (now nSight), Rolling Stone, Billboard, Boston Phoenix, Boston Herald, Worcester Telegram, Providence Journal, Boston Globe, Musician, Boston Rock, Ex Libris, Cambridge Reports, CentrumGuide, Worcester Magazine, and Business Worcester
--Developing e-zine for book readers
--Run a small crafting business
--Work with political and social advocacy groups

Assistant Site Editor
TechTarget,, January-June 2005
E-mail newsletter preparation and transmission; maintain and update website, web research, reporting and editing, liaison to members and industry experts

Executive Secretary
Fidelity Investments, June 1997–September 2004
Content management, web design and maintenance, database creation and maintenance in addition to administrative support for VPs in Architecture, Engineering Services and Order Management group within Fidelity Brokerage Company Technology,

Technology Manager
Education Development Center (EDC), June 1995–March 1997

Communications & Membership Coordinator
Mass. Corp. for Educational Telecommunications, Aug. 1991–June 1995

Publicity Account Executive
--The Go-Go’s, tour publicist
--Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
--Howard Bloom Organization, NYC
--A&M Records, NYC

New York University, New York
Bachelor of Arts, Journalism Minor: Creative writing
Member Kappa Tau Alpha, national journalism honor society

Additional Courses
Democratic Campaign Training Institute, March 2006
Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts Campaign Seminar, March 2006
21st Century Democrats’ 2005 Campaign Training.
Microsoft: Access, Project, Excel, PowerPoint; Macromedia: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash; project management, usability studies, information design.

Computer and internet proficiency:
  • Content management experience, including e-mail newsletter preparation; web updating and maintenance in both text-based and WYSIWYG applications
  • Experienced on both Windows and Macintosh platforms; basic troubleshooting on both platforms
  • Applications include: Microsoft Office (plus Access and Visio), Adobe InDesign, Project, FrontPage, Dreamweaver/Fireworks/Flash, PageMaker, Filemaker Pro, Lotus Notes, Acrobat Pro, PaintShop Pro, Photoshop, Freehand, Quark, PalmOS

References available upon request.